Check for extra fields in XML with BizUnit

By vincent
August 20, 2015

With BizUnit it is easy to create checks on the values of XML nodes. It is also easy to add a count for specific repeating elements. However, it is difficult to check if there are unexpected nodes or attributes in the message, without creating counts for all nodes/attributes in the message.

Today I came up with an easy way to verify if no nodes or attributes are added (or removed, for that matter).

The xpath descendant::node() will flatten your XML (both elements, values and attributes). Add a count around this and you are set to verify if any unexpected nodes or attributes are in the XML. Below is what your XPathValidation node would look like – just add it at the bottom of your ValidationStep:

<!-- Check for unexpected nodes in the XML -->
<XPathValidation query=”count(descendant::node())”>123</XPathValidation>

You could get the count with DanSharp XML Viewer or by running the test once and checking the found value.

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